Choosing a Badge Holder

Badge holders are used to prominently and securely display ID cards. When you purchase badge holders, you must consider how and for how long the badge holder will be used. The answers to these two questions will dictate which badge holder you choose to purchase.

Choosing the orientation of your badge holder obviously depends on the orientation of your ID cards. If your ID cards have a vertical orientation, be sure to purchase vertical oriented badge holders. If your ID cards have a horizontal orientation, be sure to purchase horizontal oriented badge holders.
How would you like the badge to be displayed? Around the neck using a necklace/lanyard, or clipped/pinned to one’s clothing. The difference between pinning/clipping the badge to your clothing or wearing it around your neck is truly a matter of preference. Clips/pins promote a more static and easily viewed identification card, but these cards are more difficult to remove for usage. On the other side of the coin, badges worn around your neck may get in one’s way, but are ideal for quick access if one needs to scan or swipe their card.

Thickness and durability of one’s badge holder often correspond with price. When choosing a badge holder, identifying the time frame of usage will help you decide how much money to invest into badge holders. While it is always better to invest in a more durable and sturdy badge holder, if the badge is to be used for only a day or a weekend, the cheaper badge holders are the right answer. Clear convention tags would best serve single use needs. For extended uses, rigid card holders and vinyl card holders will offer better protection and provide more durability. Rigid card holders provide the most protection for a card, and are great for quick card access and firmly lock a card into place when it is put back into the holder.

Choosing a card holder is entirely dependent upon the needs of the buyer. Discover your needs, and they will point you to the correct holder.