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Artisyn® Paper

Artisyn® Paper for High Definition ID Cards

Artisyn® Synthetic Paper is more versatile than Teslin® Paper.  Unlike Teslin®, Artisyn® paper  comes in one grade and is designed to work extremely well in both inkjet and laser printers.  Artisyn® paper is more durable, produces higher quality images, and is denser than Teslin®.  Artisyn® paper comes either as full sheets or in sheets perforated with ID card inserts.  The advantage to perforated Artisyn® sheets is that ID cards can be easily removed without the need for cutting.  Perforated Artisyn® paper sheets come with 8 ID card perforations.

Like Teslin® Synthetic Paper, Artisyn® is a unique printing sheet that is the key to making PVC card quality ID cards.  Artisyn® paper can be printed on with all common desktop printers.  Because of Artisyn®’s unique properties, it absorbs and binds irreversibly to printed ink, forming a high definition waterproof image that is nearly indestructible.  Artisyn® paper is water proof, tear resistant, heat resistant and crinkle resistant.  Artisyn® sheets form an extremely strong bond with our butterfly laminating pouches, producing an edge-to edge borderless card.  Like Teslin®, laminated ID cards with Artisyn® inserts do not need a plastic seam around the edges for its waterproof and high bond strength properties prevent delamination.  Artisyn® ID cards are extremely durable and look just like professional PVC ID cards.


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1 Item(s)