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Why Use Artisyn Synthetic Paper?

Arcadia Artisyn®

Arcadia Artisyn® is a single layer uncoated micro-porous synthetic that is produced using the same extrusion technology as Teslin® yet is more versatile and cost effective. It is perfect for thermal laminating with our seamless butterfly pouches to make ID cards. It can be used for a variety of purposes other than just ID cards, such as; waterproof photo paper, real estate fliers, and restaurant menus. Arcadia Artisyn® can be easily printed on with any laser or inkjet printer, as well as professional grade printers.

We sell two types of Artisyn:

Easy IDea™ MicroPerforated Arcadia Artisyn®
This sheet of Arcadia Artisyn® has been microperforated with eight 2.125" x 3.375" ID Card inserts. Simply print with either a laser or inkjet printer, punch out the inserts, and laminate using a butterfly pouch. Each of the eight inserts easily tear out and have smooth edges. No scissors, knives, or sandpaper are required. Included is a template to quickly print your layout onto the sheets.
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Standard Arcadia Artisyn®
Our Arcadia Artisyn® is a regular 8.5" x 11" sheet of synthetic paper. You can print onto it with any inkjet or laser printer, and then cut out your cards and laminate with a butterfly pouch to make an ID card. Our standard sheets are more economical then our microperforated ones, but they do require some extra time to cut the cards out of the sheet.
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