If you’re going to be making your own ID cards, then you need to make sure you have the very best ID card making tools… and that’s precisely what ArcadiaID supplies!

But if you’re new to making ID cards, how do you know where to start and how do you know what does what? Read on and we’ll go over some of the most basic card making tools in detail so that you can start finding your way around and so you can decide precisely what you need for your organization…


What’s sandpaper doing on an ID card store you might be thinking?

Well actually, sandpaper can come in very handy for your ID cards as it allows you to sand off rough edges and make sure that your corners are perfectly rounded. This in turn will help to keep your customers safe and prevent them from getting scratched by jagged edges or sharp points – which in turn is rather important for your reputation and customer satisfaction!

Handheld UV Blacklight

If you want to increase your security, then you can add a hologram/UV image to your ID cards. What this does, is that it prevents people from copying your ID cards by printing off the same image/scanning your card and using card making tools to make their own copies.

UV images are particularly effective because they only show up when held under a blacklight. This then means that someone can think they’ve made the perfect copy… until they try to use the card!http://cdn.arcadiaid.com/media/catalog/product/u/v/uverifylight.jpg



http://cdn.arcadiaid.com/media/catalog/product/c/a/carrier1_1.jpgExtra Carrier for Laminators

A laminating pouch carrier keeps your rollers clean and as a result improves the look of your laminated cards and other documents. You’ll use the laminator when making your own ID cards in order to seal the image, information and synthetic paper into place and to protect it from grime and moisture. The extra carriers will keep things running smoothly and prevent a sticky residue that can otherwise ruin the look of your cards.

X-Acto Knifehttp://cdn.arcadiaid.com/media/catalog/product/x/a/xacto3_1.jpg

This is a useful handheld knife that is perfect for crafts, hobbies… and ID cards! This will let you cut the card to exact specifications and is particularly handy if you want to do anything unique and different with your card – for instance, you can cut off corners or cut shapes into your cards this way!


Magnetic Stripe Encoders/Readers

http://cdn.arcadiaid.com/media/catalog/product/m/a/magnetic-stripe-encoder.jpgA magnetic stripe encoder or reader is a device that you use to add or read codes from magnetic stripes. This is how you utilize those black stripes that you see on the back of some cards and that way you can then give your ID cards a ton of additional abilities. For instance, they can then be used for access control and you can use this method to make sure that only the right personnel are able to get in and out of restricted access areas on your premises. Likewise, these can be used for gift cards, loyalty cards, membership cards and more. This is a great way to upgrade your security and improve your workflow!