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Butterfly Pouches

Butterfly Pouches for Seamless ID Cards

Arcadia ID Butterfly Pouches are made from a single piece of premium-plastic. What makes this laminating pouch different is that a butterfly pouch is made from a single piece of plastic that is scored long-ways down the middle so they fold over.  Common laminating pouches are made from two pieces of plastic fused together along a seam. Since these pouches have no seam; they create edge-to edge ID cards which look just like professional ID cards found in your wallet!

An ID card made with a butterfly pouch with a Teslin® paper insert mimics an ID printed on an expensive PVC ID card printer. Butterfly pouches are designed to work exclusively with Teslin® Paper or Artisyn®.  The inside of the butterfly pouch is coated with a heat-activated film that adheres to your printed ID insert as it runs through the EasyIDea™ ID Card Laminator. Butterfly pouches bond tightly to waterproof Teslin® or Artisyn®, making an edge to edge ID card that will not delaminate and last for years!

Our premium butterfly pouches are made right here at our facility in the U.S.A using the highest quality American made polyester films. While we carry ID card sized (CR80- 2.125” x 3.375”) butterfly pouches in stock, we can make pouches of any size!  Please contact us if you need a different size or something custom!

Matte butterfly pouches make ID cards that much more closely resemble professional PVC cards 

The magnetic stripe on all of our butterfly pouches can be encoded with the EasyIDea™ Magnetic Stripe Encoder.

We carry two styles of butterfly pouches:
1.) Premium Matte Butterfly Pouch
2.) Standard Glossy Butterfly Pouch

We carry two thicknesses of butterfly pouches:
1.) 7 mil (.007")
2.) 10 mil (.010")

A butterfly pouch can also come with a magnetic stripe:
1.) High-Coercivity (HiCo) Magnetic Stripe
2.) Low-Coercivity (LoCo) Magnetic Stripe

You may mix-and-match these features to choose the best butterfly pouch for your needs. If a combination is not shown below, we can make it for you!



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4 Item(s)