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ID Card Kits

ID Card Kits – Make Teslin® ID Cards Using Any Printer

The Print@Home Complete ID Card Kit includes everything you need to create professional, durable, PVC card quality ID cards from your office or home using any inkjet or laser printer!

PRINT: Print directly onto our 8-up ID card perforated Teslin® synthetic sheets using any desktop printer! Design your ID cards using the free ID card templates, your own software, or even Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop!

PUNCH: Punch out the ID insert from the Teslin®sheet and insert them into the seamless butterfly pouches. We also carry butterfly pouches with magnetic stripes for your access control needs!

LAMINATE: Place the card directly into the EasyIDea™ ID card Pouch Laminator included in your Complete ID Card Kit. In seconds, you will have durable, waterproof, borderless ID cards that look and feel like professionally printed PVC cards! 

Each Complete ID Card Kit includes:

- EasyIDea™ MiniLam™ ID Card Pouch Laminator
- Artisyn® Paper or Teslin® Paper
- Butterfly Laminating Pouches
ID Holograms or Protective Overlays.

The larger Print@Home ID Card Kits are more cost effective for each ID card created. Teslin®ID cards and Artisyn® ID cards look and feel just like professionally printed ID cards!


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    Complete 10 ID Kit

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    Complete 25 ID Kit

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    Complete 50 ID Kit

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