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10 Mil Pouches

Butterfly Pouches 10 mil thickness

10 mil butterfly pouches create ID cards that are identical to professionally printed ID cards (1 mil is equal to .001”).  Standard PVC ID cards are 30 mil.  Each flap of the butterfly pouch is 10 mil, and when combined with a 10 mil Teslin® insert, this will product ID cards that the same thickness of cards in one’s wallet.  All of our 10 mil butterfly pouches come with either a premium matte finish or a standard glossy finish.  Butterfly pouches with a matte finish diffuse direct light, eliminating glare or reflection, and produce a card that much more closely resembles professionally printed ID cards.  Our 10 mil butterfly pouches have the option of including a HiCo magnetic stripe.  All of our magnetic stripes can be encoded with any magnetic stripe encoder like our EasyIDea™ Magnetic Stripe Encoder and are readable with any magnetic stripe reader.  All of our magnetic stripe butterfly pouches are encodable on all three tracks and are universally compatible.  All of our butterfly pouches form seamless, edge-to edge ID cards when used with Teslin® inserts.  Our butterfly pouches are produced in America using the highest quality American made plastic films.


1 Item(s)

1 Item(s)