Lanyards are an excellent accessory that can be worn around the neck to carry your identification card as well as keys and other items.


Determining which lanyard to choose can be based on a variety of factors.  Who is this lanyard being given to? How long will it be used? How often will it be used? Is it for a male or female? Is safety an issue?  In order to answer these questions and more one should take into consideration the following: taste, budget and function.


Taste:  Pick out the lanyard that you like the most.  If this is something you will be using on a daily basis then pick something that you enjoy wearing.  Both of the lanyards Arcadia ID has to offer come with a swivel hook that will directly attach to your ID.


Budget: Choosing a lanyard may be even easier if you have already set yourself with a budget.  Arcadia ID’s options are all affordable, it is just a matter whether or not you want to pay a few cents more for the the break-away lanyard or if you are content with the round lanyard.

Function: For those who are concerned with safety issues, perhaps you work in an area with heavy machinery, then the break-away lanyard is the perfect fit.  The break-away feature makes it easy to release yourself from the lanyard when it gets caught into objects such as heavy machinery.


For any further questions or concerns on choosing the correct lanyard our staff is more than happy to help at 1-855-MAKEIDS (1-855-625-3437) or come chat with us live.