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Print@Home Complete ID Card Kit


The Print@Home Complete ID Kits include everything you need to create professional, durable, PVC card quality IDs from your office or home using any inkjet or laser printer!  Simply Print, Punch, and Laminate!

  • Print:  From the IDCreator designer, export your designs to the PDF and print directly onto our 8-up ID card insert microperforated synthetic printing sheets using any desktop printer!
  • Punch:  Punch out the ID insert from the sheet and insert them into the seamless butterfly laminating pouches.  We also carry pouches with magnetic stripes for your access control needs!
  • Laminate: Place the card directly into the ID card pouch laminator.  In seconds, you will have a durable, waterproof, borderless ID cards that look and feel like professionally printed cards!

Our Print@Home kits produce cards that are 30 mil thick and CR80 sized (2.125”x3.375”), which is the standard size of most cards in your wallet. ID designs printed on our 10 mil thick synthetic printing sheets are punched out from inserts that are placed between the two 10 mil thick flaps of the butterfly laminating pouch.  After being placed in the heated pouch laminator, the synthetic paper and pouch fuse together to form a durable 30 mil thick PVC card-like ID card without the borders or seams that are necessary with common laminating pouches.

Your ID Card Kit Includes:

ID card Pouch Laminator


This laminator is specifically engineered to efficiently make ID cards! Unlike most pouch laminators on the market, an ID card pouch laminator is specifically rated to handle the substantial thickness of ID cards.  The rollers in these laminators are spaced to accommodate up to 33 mils of thickness, giving ample space to safely accommodate 10 mil pouches.

The internal heat setting is also set to the optimal temperature for butterfly pouch lamination. Your can upgrade your laminator to include a temperature control as well, which would be used to lower the laminating heat to a temperature suitable for 3-5 mil pouches, making the laminator useable for all laminating purposes.  ID pouch laminators also use higher quality rollers/parts than most laminators and are designed to laminate without the need of paper carriers.

ID Card Pouch Laminator


Seamless Butterfly Laminating Pouches


The difference between a butterfly pouch and a traditional laminating pouch is that butterfly pouches allow for an edge-to-edge seal, whereas conventional laminating pouches require a small border or seam along the perimeter of the card to seal the card during lamination. The result of using a butterfly pouch? A seamless card that mimics a PVC card printed with a professional ID card printer! The inside of the lamination pouch is coated with a heat-activated film that adheres to the special synthetic paper ID insert as it runs through the laminator. 

·       Butterfly pouches are offered in both 7 mil and 10 mil thicknesses.

·       Butterfly pouches also come in 2 finishes.  Standard glossy pouches have a slightly shiny finish, while premium matte pouches have a matte finish over them which diffuses the direct light, eliminating any glare or reflection.  ID cards created with matte pouches look much more similar to professionally printed PVC cards. 

·       All of our pouches are available with the option of a ½” magnetic stripe.  These High Corecivity magnetic stripes can be fully encoded in 3 tracks with a magnetic stripe encoder for any access management needs.


Laminating Pouches


Artisyn® and Teslin® Synthetic Papers

The main key to creating durable PVC card quality ID cards is the specialized synthetic printing papers known as Artisyn® or Teslin®.  Ink printed on these silica based papers is absorbed and binds irreversibly with the resin of the sheet, creating a durable high quality, waterproof image. The ID insert is then cut out and placed into a butterfly laminating pouch. During lamination, the heat within the laminator causes the synthetic sheet to stiffen and bind tightly with the plastic butterfly pouch, forming a durable card.

·        Artisyn® and Teslin® are both offered in 10 mil thickness. Artisyn® tends to product higher quality results with most printers. The Artisyn® is very versatile and works with both InkJet and Laser printers. 

·        Good results are also achieved with Teslin®, however Teslin® versatility is determined by the grade.  The laser grade of Teslin® is recommended for users who have either a laser printer or a higher quality InkJet printer with pigmented ink.  The InkJet Teslin® is designed for common dye-based inkjet printers and is treated with a special coating to effectively bind to the ink.

·        Both Artisyn® and Teslin® come as either blank sheets or perforated sheets.  The ID card inserts can easily be cut out with scissors when printing on blank sheets, but for your convenience, we have microperforated sheets which have 8 ID sized inserts that tear out cleanly and fit the dimensions of IDcreator’s 8-UP PDF export and the butterfly laminating pouches.


8 up microperforated punchouts


Clear and Holographic Adhesive ID Card Overlays

Transparent overlays will enhance the security of your ID card! Since they are applied over the ID card, they help to prevent any alterations or duplication. They also extend the life of the card by protecting against wear and abrasions. The overlays are available with either full spectrum holographic designs or as a simple, clear non-holographic protective finish. All of our holograms are designed to fit any standard ID card.

The full spectrum hologram’s image can only be seen at certain viewing angles, which allows visibility of the underlying ID card information. The total thickness of each overlay is 2 mil.  Each hologram is peel and stick format and is manually applied by hand to the surface of the butterfly pouch after lamination.


Holographic ID Card Overlays