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Child ID - Identification Card - Kits - Free Template - Children safety


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Why Get A Child ID Card?

  1. Apprise teachers of current grade levels, attendance records, and disciplinary issues for each student
  2. Display parent/guardian emergency contact information
  3. Let the school nurse know of any allergies a child has or authorized medications that are prescribed
  4. Be used in the cafeteria to purchase lunches (underprivileged students can have meal vouchers loaded onto the card to avoid potential embarrassment)
  5. Track student eligibility for special programs including extracurricular activities
  6. Add up reward points earned through library reading programs

Design Your Child's ID 

 If you don't yet have a design for your child's ID cards, there's no need to worry! IDcreator.comis a free, online ID card design tool with thousands of designs that you can quickly modify to fit your needs. You can even insert scannable barcodes onto your cards. This will ensure a quality and effective ID Card solution for your child safety. 

Printing your Child's ID Card

Print the child id  cards onto a synthetic paper such as Artisyn®  or Teslin® Printing Sheet.  These special sheets are made out of a micro porous plastic that absorbs ink into its millions of pocket holes. It traps the ink in place, so that when it is laminated it can bind with a butterfly pouch and make a child ID card that resembles flawlessly the look and feel of a standard  PVC card (just like the cards in your wallet). These sheets are available either as a full sheet, or microperforated with 8 ID card-sized punchouts on each sheet.. This enables your child to have a quality and professional child ID card which everyone loves.

Laminating your Child's ID Card

 Laminate the printed child ID punchout inside of a butterfly laminating pouch. A butterfly pouch is a single piece of premium-plastic that has been scored long-ways down the middle so it can fold together or lay open and flat. Traditional laminated cards required a border of laminating film in order to secure the paper to the laminate.  However, using these special butterfly pouches creates a borderless child ID card that is firm, waterproof, and durable. This ensures that your child will not damage or ruin your much awaited ID card.

Securing your Child's ID Card

Secure your child ID cards with added protection by using ID hologram overlays. Hologram overlays are transparent stickers that can be manually applied on top of your laminated ID cards. They peel off a paper backing and go on in seconds. They are just slightly smaller than the size of an child ID card, allowing you to have a slight margin of error when applying. 

Encoding your Child's ID Card

 Encode the cards to work with your existing hardware such as time-clocks and building-access machines which could come in handy for places like the boy and girls clubs.  Butterfly laminating pouches are available with magnetic stripes already embedded into them.  These pouches once used in accordance with our id card laminator creates cards that instantly are encodable with magnetic stripe encoding machines such as the EasyIDea™ Magnetic Stripe